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Customer Testimonials

Nu Shape

I tried the Nutrisant NuShape Enhanced Chocolate Drink Mix a couple months ago. I can't believe it only has 30 calories! With the cold Minnesota winter, I mix it with hot curbs my appetite so I avoid going for those high calorie snacks. I also like it in my coffee - I add a scoop and it tastes like a mocha. It's perfect for making smoothies on hot summer days, too. --Kay B.

Nutri Veggi

Now that I have reached my 30's I realize how important it is to eat healthy and exercise. I have incorporated Nutrisant NutriVeggi Dark Fruit & Vegetable Drink Mix into my everyday diet. I add a scoop to my orange juice every morning before I head out to do my daily run. It gives me the extra energy I need to get through my hectic day. With a challenging career and 3 young children, I need all the extra boost I can get. --Ashley J

Oxi Nutrition

I am hooked on Nutrisant Oxi Nutrition Fruit & Vegetable Drink Mix. I mix a glass and drink it with my breakfast every day. I cannot believe how much more energy I have since I started taking the product. I know I never have and never will eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in my daily diet - now I don't have to worry because I am getting the nutrients I need. --Alan H.

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"I am hooked on Nutrisant Oxi Nutrition Fruit & Vegetable Drink Mix. "
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